Thursday, February 19, 2015

Air India Requirement - 800 cabin crew

Air India, facing acute shortage of cabin crew which is hurting its on-time performance, is expected to meet the shortfall by July as hiring and training process of new recruits will be over and they will join their active duty.

"The process of hiring an additional cabin crew is underway. We expect that all the selected candidates will complete their training and would join the airline by July," a senior aviation ministry official said.

Air India has currently over 2,500 cabin crew, including the executive officers, to man its fleet of over 100 planes.

The government, which runs Air India, had recently given its approval to an airline's proposal to hire an additional 800 cabin crew to overcome the problem of dwindling numbers.

In the face of cabin crew shortage, the carrier on-time performance (OTP) has gone for a toss with its passengers suffering the most.

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